Friday, November 15, 2013

Crafty Anger Management Chart

I'm am so excited to share this new madness strategy chart I created for a kiddo at my school.  A "cool-down" kit had too many options and the student ended up tearing up the kit and throwing it at others.  To help the student have a little more structure I created a chart, with approved strategies from his teacher, that he can choose from.  A couple of the strategies are super desirable, so to ensure the student wasn't getting mad just to avoid work we made a system where once he has used a strategy for the day he should choose a different one later if he is needing it. 

Essentially I created a social story that is hands on.  I purchased scrapbook pages and put "When I get Mad I can ..."  Then I attached the little clear command hooks on the bottom (I was afraid they would be too heavy and tug on the plastic cover of the page, but that wasn't the case).  Then on the hooks there are 5 strategies (visual and written) that the student can choose from.  I'm so excited how it turned out :)